Bookkeeping, Payroll and VAT


All individuals and businesses are required to keep proper books and records and file accurate returns based on these. We can do the following for you:

-Show you how you how best to maintain your day to day paperwork to enable the production of proper records.

-Help install computerised systems for record keeping and support them thereafter.

-Review existing accounting systems and advise how to improve them.

-Prepare computerised records from source records.

-Prepare payroll records and payroll year end returns.

-Prepare VAT records and quarterly or annual returns

-Prepare monthly or quarterly management accounts.

-Prepare year end accounts from the management accounts.

-You can completely outsource your accounting requirements to us.


Preparation of records for wages and salaries becomes ever more complex with recent legislation and there are fines and penalties for inaccurate and late submission of year end returns. We are experienced in payroll work for a full range of clients from builders to large companies. Specifically, we can assist you with all your payroll needs including:

-Running of weekly and or monthly payroll for any number of employees.

-Calculating and paying over tax and national insurance liabilities by due deadlines.

-Preparation and submission of year end payroll returns by the due deadline.

-Preparation and submission of P11Ds by the legally required deadline.

-Advice on cost effective benefits for company directors.

-Advice on payroll compliance including matters such as maternity leave and student loans.


HM Revenue and Customs change their regulations and requirements on a regular basis and reach more businesses for inspection than ever before. We provide an efficient service including the following:

- Advice on the necessity of VAT registration

- Completion of VAT registration forms

- Completion of quarterly VAT returns

- VAT control and reconciliation

- Assistance with VAT inspections


Many of our clients large and small completely outsource their day to day bookkeeping, payroll and VAT return preparation to us, leaving them confident to concentrate on other areas of their business. Additionally we can prepare periodic management accounts to a quick timescale to enable you to monitor the performance of your business in a timely fashion.

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